Stafford Castle Medieval Herb Garden

Whilst waiting outside the visitor centre at Stafford Castle today for my family to do the obligatory tour of the displays I noticed a large green and yellow sign about 30 yards away. It read "Medieval Herb Garden" and was situated next to the entrance of what I believed was an overgrown failed relic of the last decade, created by the Borough Council to add some interest to the then boring attraction of the Castle.

Stafford Castle Medieval Herb Garden

Curiosity got the better of me, so I wandered over to take a peek, and to my surprise this once neglected gravel pit was now a well established and thriving little garden.

Stafford Castle Medieval Herb Garden

The once bare borders were stuffed full of plants and the smell was lovely. Nothing appeared to be overgrown and I got the distinct impression that someone was putting in a lot of effort into maintaining it.

What appeared to be the original garden structures where still intact and had lost that freshly constructed look. I particularly liked the shady avenue created down the centre of the garden.

And best of all, for the duration of my wander, it was completely deserted.

(Written June 2004)

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