Stafford Article Archive

Stafford CastleStafford Castle (July 2009)

Stafford Castle, the history and images of the dominating earthworks and structure that has overlooked Stafford for over 900 years.

Staffordshire General InfirmaryStaffordshire General Infirmary (May 2009)

A look back at the staff, function and buildings of the old Stafford hospital, with many fascinating images over the last century.

W.G.Bagnall ThumbWilliam Gordon Bagnall (June 2005)

An interesting collection of images and information provided by a former apprentice of W.G.Bagnall Ltd, the world renowned Stafford based steam locomotive manufacturer.

Medieval Herb Garden ThumbMedieval Herb Garden (June 2004)

A replica Medieval herb garden created by the Borough Council in the early 1990's, now matured into a nice addition to the Stafford Castle tourist attractions.

Medieval Water Mill ThumbMedieval Water Mill (July 2003)

Exclusive: A medieval water mill, unearthed by workmen close to Stafford Town centre in 2003, situated at the main entrance to Victoria Park at the site of the Water Wheels.

Stafford Spooky ThumbSpooky Special (July 2003)

Should Agents Skully and Mulder visit Highfields ? Recent events have cast an eerie shadow over this once quiet housing estate.

Stafford US ThumbUnited States of Stafford (December 1998)

The very first article written for our site, way back in 1998. A brief and informal trek across the states in search of Stafford.