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In the United States of America, Stafford is a popular name. We found 22 places using the name Stafford including Small Communities, Villages, Towns, Townships, Cities and Counties. There are in fact many more than 22 if you include Town/City districts and some other places that incorporated the name Stafford but had no residents (like Stafford Valley Woods).

The following list took us some time to sort and is in no particular order (just to add to the confusion)...

We found a Stafford Village in Ohio and a Stafford Township in New Jersey, we also found the Town of Stafford in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, Nebraska, New York and Oregon...

Maryland and South Carolina have Towns called Stafford and also a place called Stafford Heights.. You would think that out of all these Staffords we would find a huge collection of websites for you to visit ?.. No such luck, in fact only two local sites could be found.

The New York Stafford website is part of a larger Genesee County website and contains all the historical and local information that you would expect to find from this kind of website. The New Jersey Stafford website is an excellent community and information website run by a proud people.

Stafford Springs LogoConnecticut has a Town of Stafford and a Stafford Springs. Their websites appear to be joined at the hip, which should be the case really because after further investigation, it turned out that they were the same place. A Town with two names ? or did I misunderstand the website ? We'll get to the bottom of this at a later date.. The website has all the usual history and Town information you would expect and a few photos, some of which are very scenic (I found myself wanting to visit Staffordville Beach).

Stafford City Texas LogoTexas has a City called Stafford. This odd little place has a population of about 15,000 and there are more jobs than people. The website describes the City as "Texas' Best Secret" and I have to agree. I enjoyed browsing the site which contained more than the expected amount of information that this kind of website normally supplies.

Finally,... County Stafford.... Kansas and Virginia both have Stafford Counties and both have a Town of Stafford.... Virginia is a Stafford rich State which is home to many Staffords, including ; Stafford Place, Staffordshire and Staffordsville. (They went Stafford Mad !)

The Stafford County Kansas website is part of a State/County guide of Kansas. There is a link on the page to the Town of Stafford which is worth a visit. The County Stafford Virginia website is a local government run project and it contains all the usual type of information. Our Town is twinned with Stafford, Virginia so you have to visit their website and say hello to our fellow Staffordians.

(Written December 1998)

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