Spooky Apparition

On an average summer night in July this year, the residents of a quiet leafy street in Highfields were awoken by screams of terror. Lurking at the top of the victim's stairs in a dimly lit bathroom was a horrible sight.

Strange spooky face

What appeared to be a decrepified head was hung over the side of the bath, but no neck or body was visible. The apparition didn't move and it remained long enough for house owner to grab a camera and take two very strange photographs.

The owner took this first photograph whilst half way up the stairs, and you can imagine why they screamed so loudly. The image shows the face clearly which appears to be looking down at something.

The second photograph (below) was taken about 4 metres away from the apparition moments before the face disappeared. It clearly shows that the image was not a mask but was infact formed using items hung over the side of the bath.

Strange spooky face closer

We sent five photographs (2 showed the face, three did not) to a paranormal expert who after almost a month of examining the images decided that they were genuine and that in his opinion a "spirit of unknown origin" had manifested itself in the bathroom.

The expert also pointed out that a rare phenomena known as "orbs" also appeared on one of the photographs and that further research was required on the house, bathroom and surrounding area. We'll let you know the results of his "investigation".

If you've experienced anything unusual in or around the Highfields area or anywhere else in Stafford, let us know and we may send round our very own paranormal experts and other exciting whackos to investigate.

(Written July 2003)

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